moneta euro expo 2015

Expo Coin to Michelle Obama

The institutional gift to the First Lady Michelle Obama, scheduled to visit the Expo on 18th June, is ready. It is the same as that presented to the Pope and to other renowned personalities.

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picchiani e barlacchi alla casa delle eccellenze

P&B at Casa delle Eccellenze

Picchiani & Barlacchi has been selected to be at Casa delle Eccellenze, a space in Florence connected to the international event in Milan, where top companies will be able to exhibit and sell right in the heart of Florence.

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i dome

P&B and the excellence of I-Dome

Picchiani & Barlacchi is one of the few Florentine companies selected to enjoy the privilege of a dedicated projection inside the I_Dome, the hi-tech dome installed in the Cortile dell’Anagrafe of Palazzo Vecchio.

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moneta expo 2015

Expo: the record coin

EXPO 2015 in title block with overlapping numbers and letters, the characteristic Expo Milano 2015 logo at the centre, a half-globe, and the leaves of five trees representing the different continents.

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moneta expo 2015 coniata dalla picchiani e barlacchi consegnata al papa

Expo medal delivered to the Pope

Laura Cretara, the world’s first female coin engraver, has presented the official Expo 2015 coin to Pope Francis.

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moneta expo 2015

The Expo 2015 Coin at the World Money Fair

The Expo 2015 coin returns to make its appearance on the international stage. For the coin’s presentation, a special space has been reserved inside the main exhibition area of the money fair.

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picchiani e barlacchi su rai 1

Bruno Vespa presents the Expo coin

Bruno Vespa and Antonella Clerici present the Expo coin, struck by the historical company Picchiani & Barlacchi, during “Un Mondo da Amare”, an event dedicated to Expo Milan 2015, Italian excellence and Christmas, just around the corner.

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sindaco nardella con chiara montauti e giovanna montauti della picchiani e barlacchi con pisapia

The Expo coin donated to Pisapia

The mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, visited Milan together with Chiara and Giovanna Montauti, to donate the first copy of the official Expo coin made in Florence to the mayor of Milan, Giuliano Pisapia.

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moneta argento e oro expo 2015 della picchiani e barlacchi

P&B and Florentine creativity at the UIA

Florence prepares for Expo 2015 with its own personalised official coin. The special edition has been produced at the ancient Florentine facilities, Picchiani & Barlacchi.

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giulia arena presenta la medaglia expo 2015 coniata dalla picchiani e barlacchi

Miss Italia EXPO Coin 2015

Giulia Arena, Miss Italia 2013, presents the official EXPO 2015 coin.

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